Friday, November 30, 2012

Wet n' Wild ColorIcon Eyeshadow Palette Don't Steal My Thunder Review

Getting excited for the holidays? I am :O) All the parties, food and glittery makeup make me giddy inside. 

Speaking of holiday makeup, I'm all about smoky eyes -- again! -- and one of the best smoky eyeshadow palettes from cheap makeup is Wet n' Wild ColorIcon Trio in "Don't Steal My Thunder." The palette's charcoal-gray-frost trio blends beautifully together, and its hint of shimmer adds sexy glamor.  However, Wet n' Wild makeup is such a cheap makeup brand that it sometimes lacks quality.

To find out more about Wet n' Wild eyeshadow palette, and if it received my stamp of approval, continue below.

wet n' wild eyeshadow palette


Wet n' Wild ColorIcon Trio Eyeshadow Palette Review

(Colors in "Don't Steal My Thunder")

Cost: $2.99

Quality and Performance (4 points total. 40% weight.)

  • Shadow applied reluctantly onto skin. The powder formula wasn't absolutely smooth, but did not give me too much trouble either.
  • Shadow flaked a little, but did not cause too much mess.
  • Shadow felt light, and did not irritate skin.
  • Overall, quality is so-so.
-2 points
+2 points 

Color and Pigmentation (3 points total. 30% weight.)

  • HIGHLY pigmented. Colors looked really stunning.
  • Each of the three colors looked beautiful individually, but also blended well together.
  • For smoky colors, this Wet n' Wild eyeshadow palette is a win!  
+3 points 

wet n' wild eyeshadow palette
Beautiful colors, aren't they?

wet n' wild eyeshadow palette
They look good both in box, and out.



Lasting Power (2 points total. 20% weight.)

  • Shadow lasted a while, at least a few hours.
  • I think it would have lasted all day if I wore a shadow base.
+2 points  

Packaging (1 point total. 10% weight.)

  • Wonderful flip top packaging. Very convenient.
  • Did not skimp on product -- just enough shadow for each color.
  • Also, each color had (placement) directions, like eyelid and crease, etched in -- super convenient for a newbie.
  • However, I did not enjoy using neither sponge nor brush. (Palette came with free sponge and brush head.)
  • Sponge was too wide and brush did not apply well.
-1/2 point
+1/2 point   

wet n' wild eyeshadow palette
Shadow came in a very nice box. I also liked the directions.


Overall Likes

  • Beautiful, blend-able colors.
  • Stunning smoky outcome.
  • Fun to wear.
  • Long lasting power.  

Overall Dislikes

  • So-so quality.
  • Flaky shadow caused a bit of a mess.
  • Useless brush and sponge.

Overall Rating




Although 7.5 is not the highest score, but for $2.99, I think I will buy Wet n' Wild Steam My Thunder again. Plus, it's fun to wear :O)

wet n' wild eyeshadow palette
With directions, it was easy to figure out which color goes where.

Really enjoyed all three colors.

wet n' wild eyeshadow palette
These smoky shades are definitely more for the evenings.

wet n' wild eyeshadow palette
Because I emphasized my eyes, the rest of the face wore neutrals.


Thanks for reading.


Overall, this wet n' wild eyeshadow palette got my stamp of approval.


Did it get yours?


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